The Commitment

We are asking every person who calls In Focus “my church” to do these things:

  • Remember: We must remember God’s grace and provision to us in the past in order to properly extend our faith for the future. Ask God to help you remember correctly as you recount all the amazing things He has done for you and for our church. 
  • Pray: “God, everything I have comes from you and belongs to you. Heavenly Father, you have been so generous to me.  What would you have me to do with the resources you’ve provided?”
  • Listen: Patiently wait to hear God speak to you about your level of sacrifice and generosity. God still speaks to our hearts, and He will speak to you.
  • Obey: “Yes, God, I will follow your leading and obey all you have shown me.”

GREATER will bring all of us to a place where we often struggle: sacrifice. These upcoming years will stretch our faith, but that is a great thing because it means we will grow, both personally and as a church. We are going to see God move and provide in miraculous ways as He does more than we could even imagine or ask. It won’t come without opposition, but like Nehemiah (the forefather of building projects) we will say, “we are busy doing a great work, and we cannot be distracted.” Your commitment will enable us to have an even greater impact in our community and around the world for years to come; just like someone’s commitment 20 years ago had an impact on you.