1. What is GREATER?

GREATER is a church-wide campaign to better position In Focus for exponential growth and impact in our next 20 years of ministry. We believe God has called us to grow so we can have an even greater impact loving people as a multi-ethnic, multi-generational church right here in Evans.  This is a time for all of us to come together and see the amazing things God will do through a unified church. Everyone who calls In Focus home should:

• Embrace the vision with faith
• Support the vision with prayer

• Sustain the vision through serving

• Resource the vision through sacrifice

2. Aren’t we big enough?
We are not done growing until we reach all of those we can with the love of Christ. There is no ceiling to reaching the lost. The first-century church began with 3,000 people in one day and quickly grew to over 20,000.  So, being large is scriptural too. 

3. What is the financial goal of GREATER?
Our goal is to raise as much of the $8 million construction and improvement costs as possible. A local bank will finance any remaining balance. 

4. How can I be involved?
We are asking all people who consider In Focus Church to be “their church” to undertake the four step spiritual process. First, remember all the amazing ways God has provided for you personally and for this church corporately in the past. Second, pray and ask God to use you and the resources He has provided for you. Third, listen to what God will say. Finally, take the time to hear Him speak so you can obey His direction as to your involvement and commitment. 

As He leads you to co-labor with this body, please plan to make your financial commitment during “Commitment Sunday” on March 19, and then bring your first offering to “Launch Sunday”, March 26.